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Business Opportunity

Being both an old hand in water treatment industry but a newcomer to this market in theUnited State of America,we aspire to discover and develop the clients that are willing to grow up and have along tem partnership with us.We know how good we are and how good we can be.And the best way to prove this to the community is to offer the profitable cooperation programs.In order to prepare for the successful future and plan an effective strategy,below options are what we think our clients deserve to obtain:

Quality Products with Profitable and Attractive pricing

The products we manufacture are approved through the most professional and stringent quality control standards.With our sophisticated market analysis,we are confident to offer our quality products that are profitable but still with the correct and attractive price to compare with the competition.

Educational Seminar

To strengthen our relationship with our strategic partners and ensure continuing success in different regions in the states,client seminars are an integral part of our marketing strategy.It is our pleasure to share our expertise and valuable information of our products with people who are willing to grow up with us.Through the use of the seminars,people in this community know that they can count on Global Aqua as a source of information on many relevant water treatment topics that are affecting their business every day .Also we truly believe that by education the community,we can position ourselves as thought leaders in this industry and bring a positive impact to this community.

Territory Benefit

With our years of experiences,coupled with a selection of reliable vendors,we have the capability to match our customer's needs with the requested water purifying components.We have the resources to do the market research, evaluate the vendors,test the producrs,and provide the options of choices.This way,we can help make the recommendation of best fit.

Marketing Campaign and Advertisement

To dominate the market and position your company as a successful player in this industry,a good marketing campaign is one of thenecessary factors.Therefore,to benefit our value customers,besides the promotion plans run through their own marketing mediums.Global Aqua will also make our own effort to include a series of touches with the market.We will be creating our own marketing activities to both reinforce our positioning to communicate with the water industry,and to acquire customers.The related campaigns will be

  1. Email newsletter to introduce the products and promotions
  2. Magazine and advertisement to display the latest news
  3. pecial promotions to increase sales of a product
  4. Press release to increase the exposure